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Did one of your colleagues, relatives, ancestors or friends graduate in physics from Manchester University (Owens College) between 1851 and 1951?
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Research Professor of Particle Physics and Life Sciences

Image on the left from BBC Horizon January 2005. "Einstein's Equation of Life and Death"


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Extracting the quark dipole cross section from F2 data.


Einstein's First Lecture in Britain. Re-staged in the Whitworth Hall on 13th June 2005. Funded by PPARC and Manchester. DVD of the event available soon Link to video coming eventually. Video clips of the event here eventually.

NEW! Daresbury 50th birthday talk

NEW! My Physics Q&A book on Amazon

NEW!! Science History Re-Photographed



Physics Questions & Answers       

Adam Ant: The New Testament

The Nobel Conspiracy

Physics in Manchester 1641-1951

The Letter Book: Paper on a 19th century physics laboratory
The Birth of The Atomic Nucleus: Papers & talks on the discovery of the nucleus in Manchester in 1911
Finding a Better Way: new techniques to detect hidden land mines. A project with Sir Bobby Charlton, MAG and Rapiscan.

Artificial Neural Networks for cancer management

Understanding Beckham and Ronaldo's free kicks (Reynolds number, friction, chaos)   My Youtube channel: TheProfRobin
Evaluating the speed of enzyme florets in plant root cell microtubules.  
My Einstein Lecture
The Inversion of Heat Capacity: a new spectroscopy.

My DESY Photo Archive

Photos from F31 (1967-70) JADE (1977-1985) and H1 1989-1999.


Computer simulation of microtubule alignment in plant root cells.  

Historic Audio-Video Archive of famous scientists

Watch and listen to J J Thomson, Ernest Rutherford, James Chadwick, W H Bragg, Oliver Lodge, Nevill Mott, Dorothy Hodgkin, Bernard Lovell and many others.



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