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Amazon offer a service to authors, who can order copies to be delivered direct to a 3rd party. This eliminates Amazon's cut of the royalties which is far greater than the author's cut. Check out the author's price versus full Amazon price in the table below. Multiple titles can be ordered for delivery in a single package to a single address, which makes the deal even more attractive.


  Full Amazon price Author's copy price (postage extra)
Physics Questions and Answers £6.50 £4
The Nobel Conspiracy £9.99 £6
3 Centuries Vol 1 £20 £12
3 Centuries Vol 2 £24 £14
3 Centuries Vol 3 £24 £14
3 Centuries Vol 4 £24 £14
Physicists at War £11 £6.50
Transmutation: The Inside Story £6 £3.75
Manchester Most Secret t.b.a.  
Postage is typically £3 for 1 book, £3.20 for 2 books, £3.40 for 3 books, £3.60 for 4 books and so on, although there may be slight variations depending on the combination of books.
To order, you first make an enquiry to my e-mail addr and I will give you a quote - . theprofrobinsh@shoutlook.com (remove the two occurrences of sh which are included here to avoid this email being swamped by spam). Payment can be made in £ or € and delivery can be made to addresses in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. (These are market places offered by Amazon for delivery). Also note that VAT is automatically charged for deliveries to non UK countries, where paper books (but not e-books) do not attract VAT in UK.

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