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History re-photographed: This is a project to restore original greyscale images so that they contain a fair representation of the original colour content. A number of algorithms have been developed and some are continually being improved. The mathematical analysis and the necessary algorithms are the intellectual property of Robin Marshall and hence the colour component of the images here are copyright. Licences are avaiable for commercial use. Private use, beyond viewing the images on this web page is not permitted.To see a larger version, click on the image. All images are availabl at higher resolution, from 1600 pixels on the longest edge to over 3000 in some cases.


George de Hevesey in Colour George de Hevesy worked in Rutherford's department at Manchester University just before World War 1 and as a result of being given an impossible task by Rutherford, to prove his salt, he thought laterally and devised radioactive tracing for which he was awarded a Nobel Prize.










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