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History re-photographed: This is a project to restore original greyscale images so that they contain a fair representation of the original colour content. A number of algorithms have been developed and some are continually being improved. The mathematical analysis and the necessary algorithms are the intellectual property of Robin Marshall and hence the colour component of the images here are copyright. Licences are avaiable for commercial use. Private use, beyond viewing the images on this web page is not permitted.To see a larger version, click on the image. All images are availabl at higher resolution, from 1600 pixels on the longest edge to over 3000 in some cases.


George Gabriel Stokes in Colour The original photograph of George Gabriel Stokes used here is not the best quality but I wanted one from the period when he wrote a letter of advice to Owens College recommending that they hire a dedicated natural philosophy (physics) professor to do the work that Archibald Sandeman had been assigned to do, but was not doing. Stokes was one of the most photographed physcists of the 19th Century and I shall eventually do a better one of him. This photo echoes the style of many oil portraits of the time, in the pose of the sitter and his apparatus laid out on a nearby table.










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