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Relativity, Einstein and a few others.

A superb clip of Einstein speaking plus Robin Marshall's 2006 Einsteinly Speaking lecture.

Einstein speaks alone in the 1st movie and then in the 2nd movie, we hear from George Bernard Shaw as well.


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1. A Einstein.

It takes Einstein only 13 seconds to explain the full significance of his equation E = mc2. This clip appeared in a film “Atomic Physics" made by "Gaumont-British Instructional" in 1947. The US Atomic Energy Commission obtained a copy and they currently, falsely, claim to have commissioned the original. The film, of which I have a complete copy (1h 24mins) acknowledges copyright for much material in the film, but not this clip. I therefore assume it to be in the public domain The US Atomic Energy Commissiuon defintely do not own copyright.

Duration 00:24 Size 20 MB.

Robin Marshall's relativity lecture

2. Einsteinly Speaking: 2006 lecture by Robin Marshall. Duration 16:47 Size 41 MB

If you can understand the few simple physics concepts in this lecture, then you will know more about relativity than the average physics student and *cough* quite a few physics lecturers as well. The Keynote file of the lecture (Apple's Powerpoint) was converted into an mp4 movie and you will need to keep your finger on the pause button (space bar) to read some of the fuller slides. The lecture lasted as micro-century, so use that pause button regularly. As you can see in the icon here, I did not use "Observers A and B", I used real people, twins Angelica & Brigitte. Ohhhh, how the twin paradox panned out. . .

Einstein's lecture in Manchester

2. Einstein's First Lecture in Britain - Re-enacted: 13 June 2005

I have 3 recordings of the lecture which I organised. One is close up showing the speaker, one is long shot showing the speaker plus screen and one is of the audience. I shall edit these into a coherent lecture - - eventually. For the moment, the close up version is shown here. The original video is good (almost broadcast) quality.


Technical details. I digitised all available media at 768 x 576 pixels & 4:2:2 chroma (irrelevant for a monochrome video). So in a sense, the digital video presented here contains my intellectual input and property ;). All 3 movies on this page are compressed mp4 files.


Camera: Clips 1 & 2 Unknown. Clip 3 University of Manchester Media Centre, by commission from Robin Marshall, James Maw, and Michael Roberts, who jointly own the copyright in the Einstein lecture re-enactment sequence.

Digitisation & Editing: Robin Marshall.


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