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Rutherford's Desk

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Prof Robin Marshall and Presenter Austin Vince at “Rutherford’s Desk”

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Rutherford's Desk

Rutherford's Desk: First shown at 9 pm on 27 March 2002 on Channel 4. Repeated on the Discovery Channel in 2007. Duration 02:12 Size 82 MB.

“Rutherford's Desk”, more like an escritoire, featured regularly on TV during the 1990s and 2000s until it was locked away for exaggerated reasons. Its last appearance was on BBC News NW when Dave Guest, with the connivance of Diana Lietch, pretended to find Turing's lost notebook in the back of a drawer, thus undermining any claim Mr Guest might have had to be an honest journalist. I wiped the tape of that feature in disgust and present here, the honest Channel 4 version, presented by Austin Vince.


Technical details. Recorded off air using a standard VHS machine.

Digitisation & Editing: Robin Marshall.

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